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Rose Without Thorns

The popularity of the Lisianthus flower, continues to grow and grow. Consumers love the fine, elegant look of single varieties or versatile double Lisianthus, the ‘Rose Without Thorns’. Fringed and ruffled special types complete the wide assortment, with a Lisianthus suitable for every occasion. Stunning as mono-vases or perfect in mixed bouquets, there is no end to the possibilities.

Origin of Lisianthus

Originally, Lisianthus was found growing wild in North America and Mexico. The plants natural habitat there is in prairies and riverbeds. The cultivated version with the botanical name of Eustoma russellianum has existed since the 1930s and is a direct descendant of the American ‘prairie gentian’.

Single-flowered and double-flowered varieties are cultivated in the Netherlands. There are numerous beautiful varieties available and new varieties appear on the market each year.

Lisianthus flowers

When you look for the perfect flower for an event, there is no better choice than Lisianthus. The assortment ranges from the delicate single Lisianthus to the rose-shaped double flowered varieties, and the ’big bloom’ specialty types, the newest trend-setter with extra-full blooms and more petals than just about any other flower.

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