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Lisianthus Solo 2 Pure White



Solo® is the first pollen-free series in the world, and the next generation in single-flowered Lisianthus. Solo’s flowers produce no pollen, which means no mess, no stains and an even better vase life. All other characteristics match 1 on 1 with Piccolo, the market standard for single-flowered Lisianthus. The delicate but strong flowers transport well with less risk of damage or disease.

  • Group 2

  • Single, medium-fl owered

  • Flowers are pollen-free, no mess, no fuss

  • Next generation of single-fl owered Lisianthus

  • Good transportability

  • Hard fl ower petals, less risk of damage

  • Versatile – attractive for mono vases, combines well with just about everything in mixed bouquets












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