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Alissa 2 Light Pink

Lisianthus Alissa 2 Light Pink

Alissa 2 Light Pink

Eustoma grandiflorum F1

An eye-catcher! The beautiful Lisianthus series Alissa has large, double flowers abundantly filled with lightly fringed petals. Delicate colours and sturdy stems form an irresistible combination of strength and beauty. Discover the new introduction: Alissa 2 Light Pink.

  • Group 2, suitable for production in early spring, Autumn and year round production under Dutch forcing conditions.
  • Semi fringed type with a nice large Light Pink flower
  • Easy growing with no tip burn
  • This variety has big market potential, very popular shape and colour
  • Decorative large round flower buds
  • Very good vase life: 18 days
  • Introduced by growers Van der Lugt Lisianthus and Kwekerij Waalzicht
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