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Lisianthus ‘outside the vase’

According to recent reports, we should “think outside the vase” in cut flower promotion, and this is exactly what Romeo Sommers (greenstylist, influencer) demonstrated during the Margriet Winter Fair in ‘s Hertogenbosch.

About the Margriet Winter Fair

Nearly 70.000 women visited the fair in the Brabanthallen, during which a non-stop heavy traffic flow of consumers made its way to the Green Your Day stand. Seven full days, Romeo and his team worked extremely hard at the Green Your Day stand to demonstrate new products and inspiring possibilities with well-known flower products. One of the highlights was Lisianthus from Sakata Ornamentals.

Lisianthus Rosita

Lisianthus Rosita, famous as ‘the rose without thorns’, was taken out of the vase and put to another use, in the Christmas arrangements. Whilst the majority of the visitors recognised and loved Lisianthus, Romeo illustrated with clear and practical tips how Lisianthus can be used as a surprising detail in holiday decorating – did you know there are plenty of colours to choose from, even the all-new Rosita Red?

If you are motivated to think outside the vase, take a look on Green Your Day and get inspired.

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