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Campanula Champion and Sakata’s Finest Lisianthus featuring at Flower Bazar

After a long ‘working-from-home’ time, we are delighted to have the opportunity to reconnect and to showcase our beautiful cut flowers at the Flower Bazar. The Flower Bazar is a unique event organized by 2dezign. A luxurious pop-up boutique event allowing us to display our products and to inspire visitors with our breath-taking Campanula Champion and Sakata’s Finest Lisianthus.

Sakata’s Champion series is synonymous for quality cut flower Campanula. Champion is a well-known and popular cut flower series, with an excellent vase life. Both florists and consumers enjoy the upward-facing flowers in beautiful colours and a truly excellent vase life.

At the Flower Bazar we will also showcase our Sakata’s Finest Lisianthus featuring our main brands: Rosita, Alissa, Rosanne, Piccolo and Lisanne. With a wide variety of flower shapes, exceptional colours, strong stems and a superb vase life, Sakata’s Finest Lisianthus are a must have for floral top designers especially in the field of wedding planning.

The Flower Bazar is a relatively new concept in The Netherlands, which is developed by 2dezign specifically for the trade, retail, and gift segment. This approach to a boutique environment is unique, it’s all about visitors who want to buy a total concept. The Flower Bazar responds to themes and seasons, such as ‘Wedding’ this September.

In this way Flower Bazar creates an important order platform that offers buyers and visitors plenty of new ideas and trends in the field of inside and outside the home, flowers and plants and more. The Flower Bazar is a ‘must visit events’ for online buyers in the floriculture and decoration sectors of the European retail industry, buyers for garden centres and large volume trade organizations. Nonetheless, The Flower Bazar is also interesting for designers, florists, growers and traders.

The Flower Bazar will take place 15, 16, 17 September at Floriworld in Aalsmeer, for more information check out


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